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If you're a small business owner, you know how tough things are. Advertising costs too much, and setting your business apart from those listed in the business pages seems futile. The TabNetwork is an association of small businesses in the Toronto area whose aim it is to provide quality service and goods with the promise of honesty. This association provides small businesses who qualify with a custom web-site which is linked to other honest local small businesses, who share their Internet traffic. The TabNetwork homepage provides an easily searchable index of these small businesses in the Toronto area, many of which have upgraded their custom web-sites with their own Internet address url, like http://www.your_business.com
Those that choose to join the T.A.B. multiply their advertising dollars many times. Your contribution adds to the whole, as does everybody else's, effectively cutting out the middleman. Not only will you now be able to gain the prestige of your own web-site, which many small businesses do not have, you will also show the world that your aim is to do business with honesty. That will set you apart.
The goal of the network also is to facilitate health and dental plans at affordable rates only offered to large companies, and free legal support to those who require it. I.T. services such as business card design, invoicing systems and computer support are also offered at discounted rates. Small Businesses should be rewarded for their honesty, as businesses who prove they are not trustworthy, upon investigation, will have their membership terminated.
  • Have a custom web-site built at no-charge with a url address for your business ei. Your_business.com
  • Be part of a network of other small business and share their Internet traffic
  • Multiply your advertising money, and your exposure....
  • Get exclusive access to small business I.T. help
  • Tell the world your an honest business
Long-term membership
  • Get discounted health care insurance
  • Get free legal advice
  • .com and .ca domain names registered for $20
  • Custom web-sites provided at no cost
  • $0 annual membership fee
If you think you might qualify to join the TabNetwork, fill out and submit the following form or call to apply. References will be required.
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