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Almost every business needs I.T. (Information Technology) services, but as a small business person, getting help in this field can be difficult and expensive. Most people don't know exactly what they need, and often think that they will have to spend big money to get the same business advantage that large corporations enjoy - such as a web site for example. There are many areas where small businesses lack advantages, everything from internet presence, graphical design for business cards, logos, flyers, etc., invoicing & billing programs, presentation media, and good advice. There's really no reason why Jane Doe's Home Bakery can't have a good web-site, and matching business card and neat flyer. The following is a table of the services offered specifically to help and promote the small business entrepreneur.
  • Custom made Web-sites
  • Based on your business card, or created to match a custom business card
  • Guaranteed professional quality, not a cheesy template design
  • Handmade, tailored to your liking: Sample1, Sample2, Sample3
Graphic Design
  • Unique business logos and custom designed letterheads, business cards,
    mail flyers, invoices, signs and more...
  • A simple step that helps legitimize your business
  • Get recognized - Be familiar! Sample bizcard, flyer
Presentation Media
  • Formatted Word documents, letters with text and graphics
  • Pie charts, bar charts, graphs and visual aids
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Present your business like a pro!
Invoicing & Billing
  • Simple programs to generate invoices and track customers
  • Custom programs designed for you
  • Excel spreadsheets, customer find forms
  • Increase your business efficiency: Sample Invoice Program
Faxing & Mailing
  • Free faxing facilities, home computer faxing set-up
  • Free email accounts and mailing
  • Getting your own: yourname@your_business.com address
  • How to beat spam!
Computer Help & Service
"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Support our economy!"
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