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Jan Krasnodebski  P. Eng
Retired Professional Engineer

When my old computer broke down, I called in. A technician came without delay, and quickly diagnosed the problem. I needed a new machine and accepted his offer to build me one. He delivered it within two days, installed all required software, and transferred the data from the old computer and instructed me how to use it. I am very satisfied with the service, and can recommend it to everybody.

Tom Howley
High School Teacher
Jean Vanier Secondary School

I have been a repeat customer for several years. Professionalism and quality service have made my computer experience an enjoyable one. I highly recommend this service.

Patricia Woode
Computer Enthusiast

Hi, I have been meaning to let you know I am very pleased with all the computer repairs you did for me. I was using my wireless laptop in the backyard on Tuesday for the first time, and it worked great --- no problems whatsoever! I use it all the time in different areas of the house. Your service fees are really reasonable and I never have to call you often to come look at the computer again once you have fixed it (not so good for your business though). Anyway, just another satisfied customer. Thanks

Richard Halliday
Music Lover

I just wanted to say thanks for a job well done. My computer now works 10 times better than when I first got it. Your service was very helpful for me and the time you took to help me learn the things I like was above and beyond the call of duty, especially the music section. Using my computer is now fun and exciting. I'm having a ball downloading music to go, something I didn't have a clue about before you came along. Your services were worth every penny and if I need anything in this field, YOU will be the call I make !! Thanks again from a happy customer in Scarborough. Rick H.

Robert and Violet Haydon

"Hi!, many thanks for the help and guidance you have given us. We are very pleased with the teaching, advice and patience we have received. The extras you have given us, as seniors we truly appreciate all the kindness and service you have shown us."

Peter Cain

"I had my computer refurbished and it's never worked better. I'm using the computer much more now, and getting much more out of it."

Shawn B.

"The tech knew computers. He was friendly, reliable, and professional. My system had some glitches so I called up, and the next day I was up and running and they gave me some extra stuff for my son that I felt was going over and above. Now if I have any computer needs, I know who to call. The great thing is, they will come to my place which makes things much easier as I have a busy schedule. It's a great service, I'd recommend it to anyone!"

Kathy D. from Scarborough

"Professional, knowledgeable and most importantly very patient!. I had close to no knowledge of how to work a computer, but with great teaching skills I am able to "surf the Web" as they say. Not only are they knowledgeable about computers but the prices are more than fair. They are trustworthy, reliable and very accommodating to my busy schedule... My children and I thank you!!!! "

Robert E.
Chartered Accountant

"I saved time and money with their services. The tip on how to stop junk mail alone was worth the service call."

George L.

"It's good to know someone who will take care of all your needs instead of running around. They are much more knowledgeable than a salesperson and infinitely more intelligent than an automated voice answering system."

David M.
Auto Mechanic

"He knew all the tricks to keep my P.C. working great, and saved me over $50 bucks a year by using the recommended free antivirus program."

Laura W.
University Student

"I couldn't believe the range of knowledge; web design, office programs, email programs, operating systems and advice, anything! Too much."

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