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Mobile Service

Relax At Home System Installation
Fully Personalized Service
We will:
  1. Determine your needs
  2. Build you a custom system
  3. Load your software choices
  4. Tweak and individualize your software
  5. Deliver it to your door
  6. Install and set it up:
    • mouse, keyboard, speakers
    • printers, scanners, camera's
    • Internet connection, faxing, surge protection
  7. Provide an intro lesson with important
    'need to knows'
  8. Stand behind it!

We use only the best parts;
we promise you only the best advice.

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Brand New System & In-Home Setup
Getting a head start...
Assembled, loaded, tweaked, tested, delivered, installed and set-up in your home with an intro lesson, batteries included!
Gold Seal
New computer setup with a software package and intro lesson
"The way computers should be sold!"

Software Package includes:

A complete variety of hand-picked programs for the home user, chosen for their usefulness and simplicity.
Customize your software choices! Choose from a list, make a request or provide your own.
Our Sweet Software Suite
• Web Surfing Programs

• Picture Editing Programs

• Movie Programs

• DVD/CD Burning Programs

• Office / Business Programs

• Music & Video Downloading Programs

• Latest Version Instant Messenger

• Wallpaper Pics & Sample Video Clips

• Games Package

• Other Interesting 'N Fun Stuff

• Anti-Virus
The Extras that Count:
Loaded: Windows Operating System - Installed from an actual Microsoft Windows® CD, unlike an ad-supported system and recovery CD you get with a budget desktop package - you get a clean, ad-free custom software installation.

Activated: Windows validated and activated with Microsoft.

Updated: Important software updates downloaded and installed.

Custom preferences: Adjusting the size of the letters on the screen, background picture, screensaver, email account setup, faxing, folders, shortcuts & overall look and feel.

Transfer your stuff from another computer: Everything transferred including your documents, your email accounts and messages, your address book, your Internet favourites, pictures, videos, music and even some programs.

Bonus: Free pics & video clips, a great games package, cooking & recipe programs, other fun software and of course, delivery at a time of your convenience.

Installation: In-home setup includes everything: mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor, printer, digital camera, microphone, surge protector, and yes, even the Internet if you have it or we'll set you up on a free internet service.

Directions: A "What's Important" guide to your computer box, keyboard, monitor, mouse & sound system. General computer do's and don'ts will prevent problems in the future.

Introduction: In-Home lesson with a topic of your choice; introductory, intermediate or advanced.

In other words, enjoy your computer!
Any questions?
Well, don't expect any overseas telephone help ---
we're in your neighborhood!

Let Us Design You a Balanced
Computer Package with the Finest Quality Hardware.

  • Custom Packages to suit your needs
  • Custom Made for Value and Performance
  • The Right Balance of Hardware, Software and In-Home Service
  • All packages offered with a gold 1 year relax-at-home service plan
    and an exclusive performance guarantee

Delivery & Setup
Always Included


Click Here To Check Out Our Custom Desktop Packages

Relax At Home Instruction

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Lessons.

Don't Hesitate to learn:

  • The Internet
  • Email programs
  • Microsoft Windows ®
  • Microsoft Office ®
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • FrontPage
    • Access
    • Outlook
  • Linux
  • Image and video editing
  • File sharing & music downloading
  • Burning CD's & DVD's
  • Movie authoring
  • Customizing Windows & Linux
  • Creating personal web pages
  • Web page wizards
  • Web page hosting
  • Uploading & Downloading
  • File sharing networks
  • Home networking
  • Hardware and Software
  • Beginner courses perfect for Seniors at reduced rates


Get the knowledge you need to enjoy the your computer!


Test your audio ~
Click here to download and listen to our theme song:
'Autumn Widdershins'

Relax At Home Service

Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance for PC's.

Desktops, Workstations, Home Networks, Laptops.

  • System evaluation & recommendations
  • Troubleshooting & repairs
  • Installation & upgrades
  • Tune-up & maintenance
  • Wireless networks & security
  • All Windows, Mac and selected Linux
    operating systems
  • Repairs to all P.C.'s - MDG, Dell, HP and Macintosh!
  • Vista to XP Conversions
  • Complete in-home setup - Internet, printer, camera,
    scanner, speakers, etc.
  • Simple*, helpful talk
  • Exclusive* 'better-than-new' guarantee
Software Refurbishing
Complete renewal of all software,
data backup, updates, plus great bonus programs and more!
.........including delivery & in-home setup.
Click Here to Learn about Complete Software Refurbishing

Tip: Be careful before downloading anything from the Internet!
Especially anything that claims to be "free"...

Do yourself a favour and research it on the net.
Type the name of the suspect software followed by the words "adware" and "spyware"
into your favourite search engine.

If it contains spyware or adware, you'll probably read about it.

Visit 'What Gives?'
Advice on other common queries...

Personal & Small Business Web Pages!
Here are some sample web-sites. Let us create one for you... And don't forget about web hosting, T.A.B. Network World Wide Web Hosting
will ensure your presence on the internet.

The Consultation:

Relax at home in comfort,
a specialist will provide you with a personal consultation:
  • Discuss your problem (s)
  • Perform an evaluation of your system
  • Discuss with you the troubleshooting and repair options,
    letting you decide before proceeding
  • Provide you with important advice
  • Become a member and receive individualized technical support
Mobile service covers the Great Toronto Area,
Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.
We are pet-friendly, and not allergic to dogs or cats.
Please call #
for the price of a home consultation in your area.

The Free Estimate

"Free estimation" assumes incorporation of the labour expense investigating a problem into the final bill. You guessed it, nothing is free.

"Free" is a much-loved consumer advertising word which somehow hypnotizes people into believing what they know can't be true...something for nothing.

It works very well, and while someone is "free estimating" the many problems that they can fix for you, you can rest assured there won't be too many "free fixes" found for the problems that didn't cost you a penny to find. Ha

The free estimate also stops being a bargain if the actual repair cost exceeds that estimate. After all, it's just an estimate. What do you want for free?

We would rather investigate your problem (s) more thoroughly, always letting you know the costs before they are incurred, and eliminate any future surprises. All prices are fixed the moment you agree to the service. No changes or surprises, you're a paying customer. An in-home consultation will provide you with an accurate cost projection; any additional costs will be agreed upon beforehand.

Things that are actually free...
Best Choice Free Stuff!
Free internet, programs, music, movies and other great money-savers
available exclusively for our customers

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"Ask someone who cares... "

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