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"Complete Service...at your home."

The Right Balance of Hardware, Software and Service.

Our aim is to provide premium home computer service to increase enjoyment and learning, and to reduce the frustration involved in acquiring, maintaining and using the home computer. We realize that simple, helpful words without confusing technical terminology eases communication and serves our customers needs. We won't bombard you with a multitude of technical terms and specifications like those flaunted by retailers.

We are about service and satisfaction, not parts and prices. We acquire parts to service people, we don't service people to sell parts. If we stipulate you use a surge protector to protect your machine as a condition of a service plan, we won't insist you acquire one through us. We inform you about the parts you need, so you have the knowledge to choose your hardware or software. Or, let us supply them for you, if you choose. Our parts are backed up with our in-home warranty, so convenient replacement is assured. All our parts will be fitted and tested by us to avoid future problems.

This service is our way of doing things better, by providing quality home computer care. With every system, we provide a 'relax-at-home' service plan --- in-home repair coverage with temporary replacement computers. We also arm you with the knowledge you need to maintain your machine and it's software so you will avoid costly repairs. Yes, it's full service. No more running back to the store and waiting for an item or a repair. In your home, on the spot, at your convenience, 'cause anything else would be a waste of your time, would very likely cost you more money, and surfing the web is a lot more fun than fastening the baby seat. So put a log on the fire, and experience relax-at-home computer care!

Call today and arrange a convenient in-home appointment with a home computer specialist.

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