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From steel string to classical, to the Indian sitar and ragas, Antony Bird's musical interpretation and style has influenced and entertained countless. Even the banjo and mandolin have not escaped the envelope of flavours which embellish Tony's work. In his early teen years, Tony studied classical guitar under the Royal Conservatory of Music, while playing in rock bands and studying the rock greats. Tony and his friends formed the legendary Hokum Blues Express, an tribute band to the early blues. Combining styles and instruments, Tony brings together sounds yet unknown. His discography follows, with sample tracks available for download. If you dig it, you are encouraged to purchase the whole album (s) of his, which are available exclusively here.
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Good Feelin' Blues
The Hokum Blues Express
Released: 2000
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Sample Track
"Mary Jane"

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Raga Muffin

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Classic Hokum

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Some of the better known places Antony has headlined:

  • The Black Swan
  • Iggstock
  • Grossman's Tavern
  • The Silver Dollar
  • Chicago Diner
  • Club 360
  • The LooseYourShoes
    Blues Festival
Coming Soon:
Video of The Hokum Blues Express Live!
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